You cannot realize your dream of successful dental practice without impeccable branding. We develop innovative branding strategies that make you stand apart from the competitors.
Website Design
Need to set up your online identity and brand awareness? From logo design, content creation and to digital marketing, we have you covered.
Office Start Up
Developing a startup dental office is a challenge. Working as an associate, the exposure has been mainly to the clinical aspect of the dental office.  We help you build up that space into a welcoming, functional and compliant office with all the necessities. You need an insider on your side, not just a contractor.
Keeping your accounts accurate and in the best form is crucial for your new practice. Our experts efficiently manage your accounts with accuracy, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Supporting You in the Growth of Your Dental Practice

It is a challenge to make your identity in a highly competitive market. You might be an excellent dentist, but that won’t help you much in developing a successful practice. At Dental Consulting Company, we help you as a dentist in realizing your dream of building a successful dental practice.

Our team comprises of actual dentists who have extensive experience of building and starting up successful dental offices and this is what sets up apart. A construction firm may not necessarily be exposed to the day to day operations of a practice so while they can build you “nice good looking office” but does it function well? From the front desk to the clinical side of the practice, the systems needs to be organized in a fashion that will create a highly efficient office. We will talk you through this and give you the roadmap in creating your dream dental office.

Once the office is up an running we will continue our services to help you run a highly efficient office. The way you manage the office at the start is different than it will be a few years into the future. Margins are tight and we will help you maximize your budget to grow. You will be bombarded with sales pitches from different supply companies and reps and we will help you navigate this maze and save you money immediately.

  • “Some of our biggest concerns were related to the unknown. How do you get the flow of the office right? How do you make sure everything is in the proper place? How do you create a space that matches your vision and stay within a reasonable budget? How do I know what I don’t know? This is where Startup Dental Services set itself apart.”

    Dr. Mitra D
  • “The team at Startup Dental Services is FANTASTIC! From the first step in the design project and the blocking diagram, all the way to the installation of the Design Ergonomics equipment, their team is amazing”

    Dr. Oscar W

Our Team

Nima Rezaiyan DDS
    Nima Rezaiyan DDS
    Nima Raoufinia DDS
      Nima Raoufinia DDS
      Kian Ighani MBA, CPA
        Kian Ighani MBA, CPA
        Accounting Manager
        Sia Ardekani
          Sia Ardekani
          IT Manager

          The Start Up Dental Services Process

          Startup Dental Services is all-inclusive and covers every aspect of your dental practice. We start by helping you set realistic goals and will consult you based on what you envision. Whether you choose to implement the entire program or just a portion of it, you can rest assured we will select the appropriate course to fulfill your objectives.


          Geographical location and advice,

          Office Construction

          Recommendations on builders and negotiations

          IT services

          Web design, Computer networking and Hardware


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