About Us

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Our team comprises of actual dentists who have extensive experience of building and starting up successful dental offices and this is what sets up apart. A construction firm may not necessarily be exposed to the day to day operations of a practice so while they can build you “nice good looking office” but does it function well? From the front desk to the clinical side of the practice, the systems needs to be organized in a fashion that will create a highly efficient office. We will talk you through this and give you the roadmap in creating your dream dental office.

Our team comprises qualified and professional dentists who have extensive experience of working with dental startups. We provide consulting services for branding, financial management, office construction, IT, and insurance credentialing services to move your independent practice on the road to prosperity and growth.

Why Us? 

There are several reasons that make us the best choice as your dental practice consultants.

  • Team of qualified and experienced dentists
  • Extensive experience of working with dental startups
  • Excellent reputation
  • Transparent and robust communication skills
  • Strategy development according to your specific dental practice
  • Develop winning strategies for practice management

Our Mission.

As an established dental consulting and management services provider, we understand that it is challenging to begin your own dental practice. Our mission is to support you throughout the process and help you in accomplishing your goals. We work as your reliable partners at every step to make your career path as smooth and stress-free as possible so that you can focus on the expansion of your dental practice.

Our Process.

Where do you want to practice? What is your demographic target?
Office Start Up
Developing a startup dental office is a challenge. Working as an associate, the exposure has been mainly to the clinical aspect of the dental office. We help you build up that space into a welcoming, functional and compliant office with all the necessities. You need an insider on your side, not just a contractor.
IT services
Do you need a website? Do you need to set up your computer network? do you need to setup your patient management software? We got you covered!
We are all done! plan your opening ceremony and book your first patient!