5 Top Tips For Dental Practice Marketing

Dental Practice Marketing
Dental Practice Marketing

5 Top Tips For Dental Practice Marketing

When you are done setting up your startup dental practice, you obviously want to attract patients and this is where dental practice marketing comes in. It is not easy to market your newly opened dental facility when there are so many established dental practices already operating in the vicinity. Still, you can accomplish it by following these five highly effective marketing tips.

Do a Comprehensive Research

The key to establishing a robust and effective dental practice marketing plan is demographic and competitors’ research. You need to gather as much information as possible about the demographics from the website of the region, the website of the city planning department, online, and through a survey. Also, do the research of your competitors, where they are located, what services they are offering, and what marketing tactics they are using. This gives you a good idea of sketching your own marketing plan. Some important factors to consider while doing demographics research include but are not limited to the following:

  • The ratio of population to dentist
  • Age range
  • Active patient base
  • The average income of household and value
  • Past, present and expected rate of growth

A Powerful and Strategic Marketing Plan

After gaining an in-depth understanding of the demographic and competition, you need to develop a marketing plan based on that information. The best way is, to begin with the execution of one of the two strategies and track the success rate. Print and digital media are the two most effective tools that you can use initially. You can create brochures, flyers, newsletters, give newspaper and magazine ads, etc. to reach out to your target audience. Moreover, build an effective SEO optimized website with informative content to attract an online audience.

Attend and Arrange Events

Attend local events like sports galas, workshops, health fairs, and any other social events and distribute your cards or brochures to the attendees to create your practice awareness. You can also arrange your own event, inviting people to have a free-dental examination or educating them about dental care.

Become a Sponsor

You can sponsor a high school soccer team and offer mouth guards matching your brand colors. Mingle and discuss oral care with the event attendees. Besides, you can also participate as a sponsor at the charitable event to raise funds for those who cannot afford to take dental services and offer free smile makeover to the needy.

Keep track of Your Findings

Keep track of your findings and marketing. Record which marketing techniques proved most effective in driving patients through your door. To accomplish this, you can create a short survey questionnaire and give it to the patients who come to your office.

You can also use dental management software to record how patients found out about your practice. Without monitoring the performance of your marketing campaigns, you will be shooting all your arrows in the dark.

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